Saturday, December 8, 2012

Labor shortage?

Get this, Texas has a shortage of construction workers now that building has picked up. Texas has increased significantly in population in the past few years, and is still growing, so there is a demand for new housing.

The construction workforce in Texas is down by 30% since the Bush collapse. That's right, even with high unemployment the building contractors can't find enough help. Why so few 'qualified' workers? They went back to Mexico. Of course for 'qualifications', you have to be willing to work for less than minimum wage and take your chances with no Workman's Comp insurance. So if you're a legal resident, don't bother to apply.

If Republicans get their way, nobody will have that Nanny State required Workman's Comp (that's so early 20th century), and the minimum wage won't exist. That way they can hire Americans to build their mansions. In reality they still won't hire Americans, they might get uppity, it's all just an excuse to drive down wages still further for the brown people that they bring in.


Anonymous said...

A Texas truck driver regularly delivers overseas shipping containers to a Walmart wharehouse. He is charged a $50 lumper fee to cover the cost of unloading the container. He sees prison busses there and asked on of the guards if this is a work release program, letting prisoners get work experience. The guard said that these are regular prisoners and they don't get paid.