Saturday, December 15, 2012


It's really easy to say 'if there were no guns', but it didn't keep it from happening in Norway. The reality is that things like this happen. Japan has no guns, and almost no gun deaths, although some people claim that they simply don't acknowledge shootings. That would fit the Japanese way of doing things.

The reason that these shooting have steadily increased since 1981 is fairly obvious. Ronald Reagan closed all the insane asylums and didn't create the halfway houses he promised. Republican crony developers made billions off of the real estate that was held by these institutions. Often created by 'land grants', many had a square mile of what had become over a hundred plus years, very valuable land.

Ordinary day to day gun violence is largely a product of the inequality that Reagan and his disciples have brought us.

We need to take seriously the treatment of the mentally ill, and the confinement of those who need it. Electronic monitoring might even be an option, as long as no 'for profit' corporation was involved.

It would be a good idea to force the media to stop glorifying these killings. When they stopped covering people jumping from buildings, that ceased to be a big problem. It didn't actually reduce the suicide rate, but it was safer on the sidewalk. The same would apply here.

Gun control? We'll have that when Blackwater goons going door to door seizing guns like they did under Bush in New Orleans.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm Absolutely a truth, that the more the inequality in a society, the more violent it becomes. Michelle Bachman and her ilk must be so proud, another nut-job found his "second amendment solution" to his personal problem.

Dave said...

President Obama put it bluntly saying, "We have to change." Truer words have rarely been spoken.

This change isn't just about governments, laws, and public policy, though all of those must change. It's also about each of us and all of us.

The question is what are you doing, what am I doing, to stem this tide of violence, the bitter fruit our mean and selfish ways have sown.

Anonymous said...

Let this be made clear the Second Amendment was a compromise between the Federalists and the Confederates (conservative slave owners) prior to approving the US Constitution. They agreed that there was no need for a stnding army during peacetime. They approved a "well regulated militia" created from the citizens of the States. Article 1 Section 8 gives Congress the authority to fund, organize, and discipline the militias. Article 2 gives the President the power of Commander and Chief of the Army, Navy, and the militias of the several states.
Congress used their authority in 1903 and 1916 to establish the National Guard in the Militia acts passed as law.
Each State has a militia section in their constitution establishing the Governor and his Ajutant General as head of the militia ie. National Guard.
Congressmen, Governors, Presidents, and Supreme Court Justices seem to be ignorant of these facts by their public statments. For instance how can a militia controled by Congress and the President overthow itself?

The Ohio Minute Man retired from the "well regulated militia".