Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cleaning up after the Trolls

A new Troll came through today, so I got out the shovel and wheelbarrow and waded in:

"The more the govt. taxes, the more it spends. ... starve the out of control beast." on We are warm blooded, we are legion Except that the Federal Government is the smallest its been since 1952. The Billionaires want it small enough that they can kill it, then they will be the government, and the peasants will learn what the lash can teach them.

"'China graduates twice as many engineering students every year as we do.' So why does China steal our technology if this is true?" on The capitalists will sell us the rope with which to hang them No capitalist re-invents the wheel, or develops technology that he can steal from its rightful owner. You righties would call him a fool to do otherwise.

"Hoping the fiscal cliff starts on Jan. 1 .. have lots of cash to buy as others panic and run for the hills. .. Repeat of 2008-09, ... buy low, sell high." on The fiscal gentle slope Only a rightwinger would wish for catastrophe as a business opportunity. This dovetails with their belief that creating more poor people will benefit them. The only possibility of their being another 'bank panic' as in 2008 (Bush) would be from the collapse of the 'too big fail' banks again. This is a real possibility, but not from the Fiscal Bunny Slope.

"I say get rid of Walmart and all overseas merchandise. Made in America for all Your cheap underwear from Indonesia will now cost 5 times as much when made in USA. ... Sweet." on The Real Takers I guess he's trying to be sarcastic with this. Small problem, the cost of labor is only in the single digits in any manufactured product. If you think about it, it can't be more than that. Who would pay for everything else in the retail price of a product? It was never about making it cheaper, or making more money. They were doing incredibly well making products here. It's about destroying the middle class, capturing all the wealth for a handful of people, and consolidating absolute power for them. And that doesn't mean you, rightwing troll. If we liberals don't prevail, in the end you won't own your underwear, it will belong to your master.

"'The right-wing Elf of the Senate, John McCain, came out of his tree on Fox Sunday' ... I saw that lefty cockroach Harry Reid right behind him." on Don't eat his cookies  I don't know how he even thinks this makes any sense.


Doghouse said...

I found a quote by Louis Brandeis

"We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."

This about sums it up about what we are currently going through.... for about the last 200+ years in the US.

prairie2 said...

To expand on Doghouse, we have had period of accession by the oligarchs, . We are just past that period where the oligarchs had full control into a period where the normal people have influence. Do we grasp the opportunity or not?

Dave said...

How much more would it cost?

A little ways down the comments, an anonymous poster said, "According to a labor relations expert if Walmart gave their employees a 27% raise to an average of $12.50 per hour and passed it on to the customers it would cost 15 cent per shopping cart. It would cost the Waltons nothing."

Thank you for the use of your words in this post. I hope this will be a sufficient footnote reference.

This brings up the question of how much cars,waffle-irons, or fast-food hamburgers would cost if workers in the United States were paid a living wage and had healthcare, and if our consumer goods weren't built by virtual slaves overseas?

Would this mean the $24.99 appliance would cost 27 dollars or 55? Or would it be somewhere in between that better-paid workers could afford?

How much more would goods and services cost if people were properly paid?

Of course the owners of the means of making stuff would want to pass on any rise in costs to their customers. That way their huge profits would remain the same. However what forces, market or otherwise, might stop this from happening? Would it be possible for the corporate means-of-production owners to have to be less profitable, for their principals to be less wealthy?