Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Borked into eternity

Today Robert Bork crawled back into what ever slime pit right wing hacks come from. Perhaps he died from a broken heart as the list of neo-cons he drew up as Mitt Romney's  judicial adviser will never serve on the Supreme Court.

He was known as an economic libertarian back in the 50s when Dwight Eisenhower was calling those people 'crazy'. He switched to being a 'law & order' conservative in the 60s. This is really a polar opposite position, if either group actually believed what they say. But 'law & order' bloviating was just the ticket to get a plum job in the "I'm not a crook!" Nixon Administration.

Bork rose from Solicitor General to AG as a result of the 'Saturday night massacre' when the serving AG and his Deputy refused to commit the illegal act of firing the Special Prosecutor who was closing in on Nixon. By law the Special Prosecutor could only be fired for cause such as misconduct, in this case that was getting the goods on Nixon. In case you don't know how that all came out, every senior Nixon White House official save the Press Secretary went to prison. To be fair the VP was only convicted of corruption as governor prior to becoming VP. Oh, and the AG and his Deputy that quit had just recently replaced the ones who were on the way to prison themselves.

Bork was rewarded by Reagan with an Appeals Court appointment, and then nominated for the Supreme Court. The corporate media blames Ted Kennedy for 'Borking' his nomination for purely political purposes. The right has made his name into a synonym for rightwing martyrdom. The fact is that not even all Republican Senators voted for him when it came down to it. He resigned from the Appeals Court to write a string of rightwing screeds, and to resume bloviating about there being no right to privacy, civil rights, women's rights and so on, in the Constitution. He was also obsessed with the decline of American civilization, you know not enough rightwing religion, women getting rights, brown peoples' rights, that sort of thing.

In other words the right has lost one of their heroes today. While he is in line for Sainthood (a minor saint after Reagan),  he was no doubt baffled that Romney lost running on Bork's principles. The miracle just didn't happen.