Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blue! Blue 218! HUT, Hut-hut

While John Boner is down at the sports bar drowning his sorrows over the collapse of his Tea Bag offense, Nancy Pelosi is calling the plays on the House gridiron. She only needs to pickup 25 yards (er, Republicans) to make it across the goal line carrying the Senate Middle-class Tax Cut Bill on a discharge petition.

In fact, unless all of the Republicans in the House are ready to risk the end of their careers with the next election, she should be able to deliver middle class tax relief to the President's desk on Christmas eve. The Republicans will take credit for it anyway, after all they are the silent majority. (snort) It turns out that after counting all of the provisional ballots that the Republicans weren't able to kill, that Democratic House candidates across American received one million more votes than did the Gerrymandered Republican pretenders.

Just 218 votes are needed to pass a bill, and Democrats are 192 strong. This margin will become closer in the 113th Congress at 200 for the good guys. The Republicans probably aren't going the way of Whigs just yet. They are desperately trying to re-invent themselves with Tea Bag Congressmen being unceremoniously dumped from critical House Committee chairmanships.

Another group that is heading rapidly toward the dust bin of history are the Blue Dog Democrats, once a force with 54 votes they will be lucky to claim 14 members in the new year. It would be nice to say that they were all replaced with Progressives, but a lot of them have been replaced by Republicans who grabbed the more conservative areas they represented during the Census driven re-districting. Still the math favored the Democrats in the end with a more Progressive delegation over-all.

The question is can Democrats keep the campaign going for the next two years and pick-up the additional seats? Gerrymandering doesn't give you a 'permanent' edge, that's why the Republicans have to keep doing it. With 49% of Republicans believing that Acorn stole the election even though it doesn't exist, and 25% of them in favor of secession, it's possible that they can act crazy enough to drive more than enough moderates to the Democrats. The number of people who self-identify as Democrats is in fact climbing, while those who will admit to a pollster that they are a flat-earth Republican is continuing to go down. Odds are that Democrats can beat the spread in overtime.


Fake_William_Shatner said...

Republicans are truly an example of "victims of their own success." They tactics like; gerrymandering, voter suppression, electronic machine manipulations, stacking religious loyalists in the bureaucracy and judicial system, over-emphasizing law enforcement in "urban areas" to end the right to vote with a federal prosecution, Swift-Boating, and always, always, leading with fear and greed and going below the belt while feigning indignation at anyone who manages to stick their heads out of their shell and call you out. It worked spectacularly.

The "Liberal media" continues to be cowed into putting on "Experts" who have had less accurate predictions than monkeys throwing darts at mad libs on the refrigerator. The false equivalency that lets the fools make anyone sane who happens to tune in feel isolated, and anyone who is a fool, feel empowered to shoot someone in the face.

So now they've gotten Unions on the ropes, and the one's left are crooked or ineffectual. Salaries are down. The Fed prints more money than the "austerity measures" can squeeze out of teacher's paychecks and school lunches to bail out the banks who never miss a bonus.

It's a spectacular success! So where are the hunting grounds where the Koch family can drop hobos? Where are the separate courts for the poor and the rich? Where is the tasty desperation they wanted as desert?

The American population is just tuning out the propaganda. I'm guessing most people don't know what is wrong, but the Honey Boo Boo has glammored all the people who USED to respond to their swift boating, and the rest have "hate and fear fatigue."

The Demographics have not been kind to those who blame all problems on ethnic habits and hippies.

The Republicans will HAVE to pretend to be civilized and lose the Tea Bagger corps, or go the way of their previous incarnations and hope in 20 years that nobody connects their new platform with the old ones that failed.