Saturday, December 22, 2012

A new Troll, everybody say "HI!"

We have a brand new Troll who can actually write in complete sentences. He's still full of crap, but I thought I'd work through his talking points. I saves writing anything new on a Saturday night. 

"The reality is that Obama has already made big cuts to the budget taking us back to 1952 spending levels." The big lie always works best. on Their lips were moving, that's always a dead giveaway  - The thing about numbers is that you can look them up, they have a liberal bias that way.

Limousine liberals have all the answers. They know what is best for the masses. "Hey, boy. Could you polish and shoes?" on You can dock your billions anywhere you want to - Okay, this one doesn't make any sense.

"John Boner" see when you write that, it is very hard to take the rest of your nonsense seriously. Are you 14 years old? Grow up. on Their lips were moving, that's always a dead giveaway - I'm making fun of him because that is how his name is pronounced. There is no language where the combination of letters is pronounced 'bayner', he's just too vain or insecure to admit it. Of course given his orange skin color, maybe he's not from this planet. Hmmm, the leader of an alien invasion bent on our destruction... That's a theory that makes sense. If you can name the medical condition that makes your skin turn that color, I'll apologize.  (it has to be a disease from this planet)  His heavy drinking could cause Sclerosis of liver that will turn you yellow, but not orange.

Per IRS numbers, the top 1% of earners pay 40% of income taxes. Bottom 20% pay nothing. We are all in this together. Except some folks have no skin in game. While other pay a lot. ... How many poor people are job creators? Oh, right. None. Stop singing the praises of the poor. They are friction on the economy. Might not be politically correct to say it. But, in my world, it is called "drug addict" not "chemically dependent". Soft pedal don't fly here. I wouldn't blame all the 1% if they moved to the Caymans. Then who would pay for the welfare state? Poor people? LOL on You can dock your billions anywhere you want to  - Actually the bottom 47% don't pay income taxes, weren't you paying attention during the election? But seriously you could read the last few hundred posts and get some understanding of why everything you said there is stupid crap. 

Is it my money? Or is it the govt's money to pass around as they please? I work, they take. Robin Hood has $16T in debt. But, no matter, just steal more money from citizens to pay for all these wondefulr social welfare/nanny state programs that just get bigger and bigger and never go away. The madness beat goes on. on Plan B fails - No it isn't your money, notice it has the government seal on it?. The purpose of money is to make the economy work, that's why you only get taxed on your income and other transactions. There is no 'wealth' tax, there is no tax on things you actually do on your own like having a garden. Everything else you do depends on the rest of us, so all of the rest of us get to decide how much you pay for the privilege of using 'our money'. 'The government' isn't an independent body, well except for the guys who write your talking points who are pretty much running the government for their purposes, which you are okay with. 

As I predicted 6 weeks ago, we are going over the Fiscal Cliff. No doubt in my mind. It fits the democrat agenda. More taxes, more money to spend. More debt. More welfare/nanny state. More sucking on Uncle Sammy's tit. Merry Fiscal Cliffmas to all. on Plan B fails - Your side created this 'cliff', and you act like it was everybody else's fault. You lost the election. 

Time for the liberals, ur, progressives to drive us right into the dirt. $16T in debt. .. next stop $20T. ... The more they tax, the more they spend. on Time for a new Calender - The deficit is going away, go back and read the explanation as to why. It's just math. 

If you are 65 and have to eat cat food, well, what the hell were you doing for the 1st 65 years of your life to get in that situation? Obviously, you messed up big time. But, heck, Uncle Sammy will throw you a $200 a month food stamps bone. That should cover a few big bags of Friskies for those that squandered 65 years of life and have nothing to show for it. on Time for a new Calender - Sounds like somebody was born third base with a trust fund, and thinks he hit a triple. Work at minimum wage until you die, that's your answer for the rest of America. And I'll bet you think the minimum wage should be zero.


Anonymous said...

Hi Little Troll. Now, why don't you take your ball and go play on the freeway.

Anonymous said...

are trolls always so stooooooopid? What is it with the wee-folk that they also happen to be mental midgits?

prairie2 said...

You are confusing Trolls with other magical creatures. The troll is quite large (especially across the beer gut), they don't actually live under bridges (that's poor people) but dwell in subterranean haunts called 'basement rec rooms'. They are mean spirited and destructive but their magic is limited to creating an alternate reality where 'trickle down' works.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting my comments online. I love it. I disagree with your responses. But they are very predictable. I don't have the lefty mindset. ... No trust fund here. It would have been a much easier trail if I started on 3B. In fact, the exact opposite. Have worked my ass off, started 3 businesses. Sold 2 for a huge profit. Took no vacations for 6 years. Invested MY money so cat food would not be the only option. It was all a labor of love. Building something from nothing (3 times) is the greatest competitive game in the world if you are willing to go for it. .. Worked like few people are willing to do. So I could live like few people can later. The more I work the luckier I get. Had many setbacks. Powered through all of them. Minimum wage is for kids and older morons. Want to make more money? Well, gonna have to provide a valuable service or product that others want. There are thousands of ways to do this. You can copy the blueprint many others have used. It is easier now than ever before. Think, work and grow rich. Rely on govt. handouts like a drug addict and grow poor and miserable. Bitch about the rich not paying their fair share. What a joke. How about those that take more out than they give society. What is their fair share? Complain about the "rigged" system. Screw that loser mindset. Work with the thought that there will be no Uncle Sammy to send you a tiny check in retirement or medicare. No safety net. Nothing. Build a giant nest egg with lots of cash flow so that social security will be chump change and you can give it to your favorite charities. If more people did that, the USA would be much, much better off. Don't be a drag on society. That would be too embarrassing. I know this isn't the lefty, welfare/nanny state way of thinking. But you should hope everyday there are millions of others with my mindset and determination to pay for the small bone the govt. will provide to those that either can't or are not willing to pay the price to be a successful, productive member of society.

prairie2 said...

Your personal 'story' is a collection of rightwing talking points. I've been in business all my life. If anything you wrote about did in fact happen the way to portrayed it, you had no clue what was really going on. For one thing you can't have everybody do that, you sound like the Amway salesman, everybody is going to sell soap to everybody else and get rich. NO, thank you Mister Ponzi.

prairie2 said...

Let's put the Troll's life story into more context. I've heard this very same story many times, never with any verifiable facts to support it. You're either the 'one guy' who actually lived this Ayn Rand lifestyle and made it work, or you're copying a script. Not to give you pointers, but a believable story would have more recognizable facts. What business did you sell? Describe it with details that would speak to those of us who have run a business. Things like that, if anything you said was true, you should have no problem proving it.