Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkeys & Whigs

The Republicans, still smarting after losing badly to Obama are casting about for their new 'hero'. Willard ended up with just over 47% of the popular vote, that's Karma for you. The truth is, that if Obama were all white, it would have been a blowout. If you gave Obama the 8 million votes the Republicans claimed they were going to suppress, Mittens would barely be breaking 40%. This doesn't even take into consideration that potential Democratic voters in the Red States don't even bother to vote.

The Whigs (I mean Republicans) are the minority party, and they know it. The contenders to be the new 'great white hope'? Marco Rubio has started campaigning already, of course he's brown, and lied about his family being refugees. So there is noise about Jeb Bush, he's married to a brown person and can speak fluent Spanish (reportedly he can, but these reports are often wrong, he is a Bush).

The problem for Republicans is that the majority of Hispanics could give a crap about either of these far right pretenders. If it were all about race as the Republicans seem to think it is, why would they vote for a Black man? Hispanics in the US are in general not into 'black people'. They didn't vote for Obama because he was non-white, they voted on the 'community' values that Obama espoused. Values that Republicans have been trying to destroy for the past century. The Whigs just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Warning! Secretary of State John Hussted wants to convert Ohio from a winner take all presidential election to a congressional district election state. This would have given Romney 14 electorial votes to Obama's 4 electorial votes in tkis years election thanks to congressional district gerrymanding. The election fraud movement is not daed.

The Ohio Minuteman

prairie2 said...

Winner take all. (or not) Hmmm, I think that pirate ship has been sunk. Obama is too far ahead to make any difference. The Republicans were trying to do that in a number of states, but had no success. People are afraid of rats in general.