Thursday, November 22, 2012

There is no free turkey lunch

In case you were suspicious or cynical about Black Friday sales. The Wall Street Journal did a little digging and found that fully one third of Black Friday "Specials" have in fact been offered previously at lower prices.

As for the rest of them, don't kid yourself. There are all manner of tricks to make an item appear 'cheap'. A favorite of the 'we won't be undersold' big box stores is to have the manufacturers create unique model numbers for them. You can't find it cheaper because nobody else sells it.

Most of the really cheap items you'll see today and tomorrow are simply cheap crap you don't want. If it is something worth having, it's not really their best price, or at least no better than you can pay Monday when the next shipping container from China is unloaded.

If you want to work off the turkey play football with the kids. If you want to simulate the mall experience, just give them each a bat and let them chase you around the yard. This first one to land a solid hit, gets you wallet.