Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There are no pictures of P2 with his shirt off (thank God)

A new study says that the US is poised to become world's largest single oil producer, passing Saudi Arabia and Russia. This sounds like a big deal, but it's not so much. The US is a big country and has always produced a lot of oil. Saudi Arabia is using up their reserves, and the Russians aren't in a big rush to use up theirs.

They're also predicting that the US could become self-sufficient in oil production in a couple of decades. This again is not such a big deal, we produce over 60% of our uses, and we export 30% of what we refine. I'm not sure exactly how those numbers should be reconciled, but we aren't that far off from producing our needs already.

If we made any real effort to get off of fossil fuels, it wouldn't take that long to stop importing oil, especially from the middle-east.

The 'we are the white majority' people think they're clever by pushing secession petitions on the White House website. Two states are supposedly over the 25,000 signature threshold. The thing is, these are all 'national' petitions and not limited to signers from each state or even from one petition to another. There may not be as many crazy people as it seems, unless they are too stupid to figure this out. (shhhh, don't tell them) Georgia has two petitions, I guess they intend to secede from the Confederacy as well.

The Petraeus scandal is actually becoming interesting, I never believed this was really about him fooling around. Word is that he perjured himself in front of Congress over the Benghazi attack. It seems the real target of this right-wing militia wasn't the ambassador, but a CIA dark sight prison. A small problem is that these prisons have been banned since 2009. This all came out as the result of a public speech by Petraeus's mistress Paula Broadwell that spilled the beans on the actual reason for the attack.

How exactly she was privy to this information isn't clear, but high ranking generals are dropping like leaves in a hard frost. I doubt is has anything to do with 'sexting'. This is likely to get far stranger before it ends.


Anonymous said...

WaPo journalist Dana Milbank reported over a month ago that Darrell Issa's Benghazi investigating committee let the proverbial cat of the bag of this secret CIA base only for Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) to scream out “Point of Order! Point of Order!” and feebly attempt to deter this information from being made public.

What did House Republicans know about the Benghazi consulate annex last month that caused them to react the way did during this hearing? Did they have this information before the WH and if so, who supplied it to them? If in fact they knew about this secret CIA base being an illegal prison, why didn’t the House GOP expose this during either the hearings or during the Presidential campaign to smear the WH? And yes, if this information is true, how did Paula Broadwell receive access to these details?

Yes Bruce, this story is getting stranger by the day.


Ronmac said...

Maybe Petraeus was set up by the "Israeli lobby" upset over his apparent lack of loyalty towards Israel. Patreaus got them angry a couple years ago when he told congress that continuing U.S. support for Israeli policy was becoming a liability.

Rep. Eric Cantor, who's been greasing the wheel on this "unfolding scandal" is a great pal of Israel and Netanyahu.

This Broadwell character, it's been suggested, has ties to various neocon networks. Could she be acting on behalf of a foreign power, helping to remove a key decision-maker because he was considered an enemy?

Was she instructed to deliberately "throw herself" at the general? The "honeypot trap" is a time-honored tradition in the espionage world.

And all those emails that were bound to be traced? Maybe that was the point.

I smell another John Travolta movie in the works.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

At first this Petraeus thing seemed like a "sex crime" witch hunt -- just more of the "throw poop and see what sticks" with the Libya attack, and Republicans fishing for something to impeach over that doesn't sound like Monica or Bush -- because they REALLY REALLY care about national security and whoever those for peons were who died at that embassy.

Then Joe Scarborough and Pat Robertson said; "It's no big deal what a man does -- that's the kind of thing men do." OK, Joe can do a 180 just for ratings -- but Robertson,.. isn't it required that someone give a big donation to Gawd or swear fealty to Republicanism and Theocracy in the USA before Robertson "gets reasonable about morals."

This is just evidence that we need to pass the popcorn and keep our powder dry. This could be like the BCCI (back in the 80's after the S&L Crisis) investigation where the Republicans smelled blood so they could be outraged about banking scandals, and then a bunch of Bush's and his Saudi friends started falling out of the foliage with a bit of beating. Oops! The Republicans quickly went into "nothing to see here mode, move along". Kind of like when Rush Limbaugh was freaking out about the EVIL of trading with the enemy (Saddam), and he was going off on the Oil for Food program and ran into Dick Cheney doing the Weapons for Oil program and then they suddenly forgot about the whole thing.

So the Black Site prisons that REALLY justified the attack -- maybe Robertson and some higher placed NeoCons know that beyond the rabbit hole of "Make Obama Look Bad Over Tragedy X, Y, or Z" -- that the prison is holding people who might tell tales, and might be benefitting people like Robertson.

Anyone remember those Conflict Diamonds and Gold Mining operations that Robertson had the 700 club spending all that "hungry kid food" on about a decade ago? I'm just thinking out loud -- with my limited knowledge of NeoCon scumbag #1001,... it's so hard to keep track of them.

I think ALL BAD THINGS need to be stopped and justice done -- even if the Democrats are doing a tenth as much as the Republicans. So sure, let's see where this rabbit hole leads us...

Fake_William_Shatner said...

Maybe Petraeus was set up by the "Israeli lobby" upset over his apparent lack of loyalty towards Israel. Patreaus got them angry a couple years ago when he told congress that continuing U.S. support for Israeli policy was becoming a liability.

Everybody in power seems to be a freak of some kind. You can BET that the only people who get punished, are those leaving the reservation. Kind of the "made man" system of the Mafia, just without all the tender mercy and dignity.

That moron in Chicago; Blagojevich, was a narcissist, and slightly corrupt. He was stupid but compassionate. This was perfectly legal and OK as long as he was just slightly corrupt and didn't help the people of his state. What I wondered was; why was the FBI wire tapping him in the first place? Then I realized -- oh yeah, the NSA and the FBI are tapping EVERYONE -- so why is there any crime and the only people getting punished are,... slightly corrupt morons? Ralph Reid still has a job so that can't be right.

But Blago claimed he was singled out for looking out for the people. And a few months prior to the "cough" Investigation "cough", he had actually been making a stink about Republic Windows and Doors pretending to go bankrupt and then re-opening under a new name -- but without the baggage of their Union workers.

Ah-hah! He's lucky he wasn't part of Al Qaeda or had Kiddie Porn on his computer for that crime.

Just as Al Qaeda and an FBI handler show up in every location where the locals are saying; "But is this war on terror constitutional?" Al Qaeda shows up wherever someone isn't part of the world bank or has resources like oil which might be used to produce WMDs (as if one cluster bomb payload couldn't kill everyone in a stadium). So Qaddaffi in Libya had two strikes against him, and the third was not paying homage to AIPAC, or whatever that third thing is that is important to people who decide when and where al Qaeda shows up.

So the Black Site prison in Libya, might have something to do with punishing GOOD people who got in the way of Progress. Or it might be run by Al Qaeda.

Whatever it is, it isn't for us commoners to know about -- and that's why I'm curious.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

This Broadwell character, it's been suggested, has ties to various neocon networks.

The NeoCons and Mossad have a large stable of hot babes and young boys ready to compromise important people. Google "sex scandal neocon". Usually, when someone gets caught with a "wide stance" in an airport stall or sexting the white house page -- it's because they've angered someone important.

Sex scandals are great to take down the pawns, because they tend not to involve the REAL CONSPIRACY going on with the other NeoCons.

But this is how the world is controlled -- it really is. You put a Pedophile in power at the Catholic Church, or at the head of "Child Endangerment Committee" -- and that person is more interested in continuing their "hobby" than in growing a conscience and voting for a stimulus bill.

One day the house of cards will fall, and we will see how institutionalized the child sex trafficking and the "too hot for the general" ladies are part and parcel of world hegemony.

The New World Order is just a distraction from the "Old World Order" that is doing just fine with perpetual war, thank you very much.

I've always suspected Petraeus of being compromised -- not because of anything he did -- but merely because he was put in charge of things. Since all his bosses have a high probability of being compromised and crooked, they don't invite honest people who could blow the whole thing for them.

Characters like Petraeus are; Politically ambitious like Collin Powell, usefully stupid but earnest like Blagojevich, corrupt and horny like 90% of the RNC, people-pleasing dish rags like Harry Reid, evil to their rotten core like James Baker, or that rare and dangerous person who got to where they are by merit like a Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Petraeus might be a hybrid of Blaojevich, Schwarzkopf and needed a "sex toy" to keep him in line. His MILF was probably appointed shortly after he was given so much "responsibility" in the military. Is a guy like that going to say no to a girl like her? No. He has a pulse and an ogre for a wife -- easy pickings (forgive the cruel but true statement).

If you aren't attractive as an operative, then you can get the crap jobs like Orly Taitz. Speaks a few languages, enough education for a PhD, probably could fly a helicopter -- becomes an idiot birther? You lost your looks lady, so you have to now go around talking like Donald Trump -- how is she not insulted?