Thursday, November 15, 2012

The little fish fry, the sharks cruise onto their next meal

BP has pleaded guilty to 11 Federal felonies and a 4.5 billion in fines, this sounds like a big deal, if you don't compare it to the damage that they have done, or the profits that they continue to make. Two low level executives have been thrown under the bus and will be charged with manslaughter for the killing of 11 workers on the platform. Their punishment will probably be little or nothing.

We know that the people working there were well aware of how they were being put in harms way. The equipment manager on the rig put his affairs in order before returning to the drill site, and the reports are that he died at his post trying in vain to stop the blowout. The safety equipment simply didn't work, and his supervisors knew that it would not. 

Once the inadequate well casing gave way, the extreme pressure simply drove the drilling mud out of the drill pipe. Hydraulic valves intended to shear the well pipe at the sea floor and seal it refused to respond to commands from the drilling control station. The equipment was jury rigged, poorly designed and known to not be in functioning condition. Then came massive amounts of high pressure methane pouring onto the drilling deck. This was in turn sucked into the air intakes of the huge diesel engines that drove the drilling operation. The multi-thousand horsepower engines began to run at speeds several times what they are designed to handle after the computer actuated throttles become useless as the air intakes became fuel intakes. The white hot steel that erupted from the explosion of these engines sealed the fate of the men put in this death trap. Men who were trying to run from the well head were overtaken and cut to pieces in the initial blast followed by a steel melting inferno. 

The knee jerk reaction is to blame the Obama Administration for not doing more, for not putting these real rat-bastards into prison. The truth is that BP has more resources than the Justice Department, it's either take the pittance they offer, the sacrificial lambs they put up, or get nothing. Republican appointed judges are not likely to rule in the government's (or rather the people's) favor after years and years of litigation. BP is simply throwing a small bone to end the matter, and the government as it stands has little choice but to take it.

It seems likely that the settlement has come out now only because Obama won the election, a Romney win would have almost certainly meant an apology to BP for putting them to so much trouble. If that seems far fetched, refer back to the Republican lawmakers who got down on their knees and satisfied BP in every way possible after Obama slighted them so badly. He showed incredibly bad taste to suggest even while oil was still gushing into the Gulf that BP might be in some part to blame for what happened.

Yeah, Obama is no Harry Truman, but he's definitely no Mitt Romney.


Anonymous said...

After the well was finally sealed not a drop of oil has been extracted. It will sit idle because it is an asset to be used as collateral for loans the proceeds of which BP Capital will play the commodities market churning futures thousands of times to drive up oil prices and skiming money off the top. Guess who pays that premium to these robber barons? It mounts to $1 on a $4 dollar a gallon of gasoline.

Notice I mentioned BP Capital and it's CEO is Boone Pickens.