Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The blue shift

It's not that many mornings that I wake up feeling slightly smug. Over is it 'hopefulness'? That's an emotion that doesn't come to visit very often.

The Republicans are desperately trying to maintain their fantasy that they are the majority party. "He didn't win by as many votes this time!" They don't mention that they kept 8 million people's votes from being included, this election wasn't even close. Incredibly they are trying to spin that the huge number of provisional ballots in Ohio are really Republican votes, 'Romney could still win!!!!'.

Many of you may have questioned the idea that 80% of Americans are really liberals, it's starting to become apparent that Americans are catching on. The entire country is shifting 'blue', further evidence is the House 'victory' for Republicans. This was entirely the result of over the top Gerrymandering, the Senate went for Dems because you can't do that with Senate races.

There are a lot of potential Democratic voters in the Red states that don't bother to vote, time for that 50 state strategy of Howard Dean again. Some Progressives suggest that we should simply write off the South, I say yes and no. The Senate needs to take advantage of the liberal shift to reform the Senate seniority rules that give far too much power to southern cracker Senators. Honestly I'm not holding my breath for that, but Harry Reid has promised to end those single Senator holds on everything.

How crazy the Republicans in the House will behave is yet to be determined. The strengthening economy makes threats from House Republicans to tank the economy less meaningful. One hundred percent of them have to run for re-election starting today. Obama needs to continue saying how he'll work with them while beating them with a stick simultaneously. Education is the solution, the only solution. Well okay, there is the fact that the angry old white men are dying off, or they'll come around after realizing that Obama is making their Medicare better... okay they're dying off. The Millennium Generation went over 60% for Obama, including in the Red states. There is 'hope' and I feel smug about it.


Anonymous said...

WOOP Woop, "...they're dying of..." is the best news I've heard all day!! To a previous poster that complained about us using anonymous, I agree I'm going to get an handle one of these days.
I couldn't figure out a way to include santorum in this post but I'm sure the depth is there some where in the red old white mans party! Woop Woop!

Roman Law said...

I'm posting late here because I spent mostly all day yesterday celebrating and gloating over the victorious smack down over the insane right by lurking on sites like Red State as well as listening to all the hand wringing punditry emanating from the rights broken smelt machine who are so incredulous in their inability to decipher why the "brown" guy, Obama was re-elected.

The right doesn't just not get it, they don't live in 2012 America.

They still believe their America is where racism, sexism, war, gender bias and exclusions to pre-existing conditions are the status quo.

The GOP today reflects the shark toothed elites devoid of any concept resembling representative government for all people.

Their flock of mainly pasty, middle aged, angry, old grumpy white guys are exactly what their party has become. Irrelevant.

Viva Obama/Biden!
Romney/Ryan Forked!