Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shocking Images

When I heard about this, I thought it would be hilarious, it's actually disturbing to look at. Even more disturbing when you realize how crazy these people have to be. They actually believe their crap, and it makes them dangerous. What are they crying about? They're still rich, Obama will make them still richer, maybe not as fast as they hoped. They won't be able to starve poor people, evict the elderly and deny people medical care, and they're really, really upset about it. Shocking.


prairie2 said...

You do realize that I read these before posting? Just because right wing candidates have no problem with rape, doesn't make this sort of comment acceptable.

Roman Law said...

I'm not trying to be funny here but I couldn't believe the images or the comments that followed them.

I found myself both amused and bemused at their apocalyptic views and their frequent references to obscure, biblical verses to be a reflection of their astonished disbelief that "their" vision of America changed yet they haven't.

Dave said...

Actually I remember feeling despondent like the folks in the pictures do. It was the first Tuesday in November of 1980, when the seeds of the mess we're nowhere near finished fixing were sown, when that Reagan character was elected.

The most disturbing point is that all those peasant white people shown in the images were screwed by the so called Reagan revolution too. They've just never figured that out.

bluelyon said...

I almost posted this web site on my blog too, but I held back. Still, it's sitting in the queue.

Like you, I can't figure out what the hell they're crying about. Kind of like when my boss comes into my office, usually after one of his 2-3 week vacations to some foreign locale, and complains about his taxes. I like him and all, but he is absolutely clueless on how tone-deaf he sounds.