Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Science is the Devil's hand maiden

The new face of the Republican Party kicked off the 2016 Presidential race with a visit to Iowa. The New Face, Same as the Old Face. When asked during the event 'how old is the Earth?', he didn't disappoint. While trying to double-speak the question he made it clear he's out for the 'far right' vote exclusively. He declared he isn't a scientist so he wouldn't know, and even theologians don't agree on the age of the planet, so we should teach creationism alongside the other opinions on the age of the Earth so kids can make their own choice.

When he said he wasn't a scientist (well duh), he wasn't really being humble, he was bragging. To the right-winger, it's a virtue to not be one of those Satan worshiping sciency guys. The fact is that they would still be claiming the world is flat and un-moving (like is says three times in the Bible), if they could figure out how to make money off of it. It is only common sense after all. We can't be spinning west to east at  1000 mph, that's just crazy, and gravity is just a theory after all. Try to explain to one of them that gravity is really the warping of space-time and not an attraction.

As long as we're talking about science, how about the Iron Dome Propaganda System  (oops) Iron Dome Missile Defense System. The fact is that it's impossible to hit a missile with a missile. Especially against the short range rockets the Palestinians are building. They never were successful, they simply don't have enough of them, and they aren't very good quality. In fact they've been more successful in the recent attacks then before Israel put up a missile defense. It's all about the propaganda. Israel wants it to seem like a big enough threat to justify a cruel response. With people off the streets, the decline in traffic deaths will more than offset Israeli casualties.


Ronmac said...

I heard those Dome missiles are $40,000 each. To shoot down a homemade rocket made with duct tape and fertilyzer that costs maybe $8.99. If Walmart was smart they would open a store in Gaza and start selling rocket kits (assuming they will be able to outsource to China).

There are reports that this Ahmed al-Jabari, the leader of the military wing of Hamas who was assissinated in that targeted strike last week, was negotiating a peace deal with Nuttenyahoo.

Why would the Israelis take out somebody who was ready to sign a peace deal? Well it's pretty clear the last thing Nutenyahoo and his gang of ethnic cleanser wanabees want is peace.

They need war and Hamas rockets to whip up hysteria in the Israeli population, especially when elections are nearing.

macnow said...


In 3 short paragraphs... so much covered; so much that will still not get through.

Hopefully later I can write a longer companion post to this one, to post below, in this thread.

"traffic deaths"...

...LOVE it, not the "death" part, you lurking Reich wing monkey hordes (out their).

Just the shear, searing, parch boiled simplicity of it.