Thursday, November 15, 2012

Santa Claus used to be the good guy

Mittens is bitter about the 'gifts' that Obama gave out to get votes.

Free interest on student loans: (huh?) What Willard is referring to is that banks are no longer allowed to make Federally guaranteed student loans. This was a Republican practice that gave the banks 2% per year from a trillion dollars of student loans for doing exactly nothing. The government takes all the risk.

Free birth control for women: (the sluts, women are property after all) Insurance companies are getting paid by these women, it's not 'free'. Insurance companies routinely provide Viagra, enough said.

Kids stay on the insurance of their parents until age 26: (how awful) again, the insurance companies are getting paid by families that have insurance. It's not free, it's just good policy.

Free insurance for poor people: not providing health care doesn't really save money. They end up in the ER, etc. I wonder if Willard tests his servants for TB, our Republican healthcare system has created drug resistant strains. (cough, cough) The servants who recorded the 47% comments that made it impossible for Mittens to pretend he wasn't really a Republican, they know exactly how things are.

In fact is that there are a lot more 'free' things that Obama is providing the 'poor' to get votes. That 99% tariff that he slapped on Chinese tires has created tens of thousands of American jobs. And the auto industry? Those 'poor' auto workers all voted for him too.


Anonymous said...

During oral arguments concerning the Patient Protection And Affordable Medical Care Act before the US Supreme Court the US Solicitor General mentioned we have a mandate because Hospital Emergency Rooms cannot turn away any paitents needing medical care. Justice Anton Scalia retorted that mandate was a result of a law passed during the Reagan Administration and it can be repealed. He could have added that tha Social Security or Veteran Burial payments could be used to pay the sanitation companies to take the dead bodies to the land fill. Most indigent dead are never claimed by anyone to provide burial expences.

prairie2 said...

Don't eat the green food wafers. They aren't really fish protein.