Sunday, November 11, 2012

Republicans don't have wings, just Bull

After threatening us with the fiscal cliff all year, the voters have spoken to the Republicans, 'go take a flying leap'. Obama has seen the numbers, and he's ready to push them over. Not only did he win decisively, but the Democrats in Congress got far more votes than did the Republicans. Gerrymandering worked for the Republicans, they still have more House seats, but they don't represent the majority of Americans. Not that they actually care about that technicality, but they've suddenly realized that Americans do.

Their whine today is, "we need to do a better job on messaging", translated, 'we need to run more ads'. They claim Obama was able to paint Romney as something he's not by far outspending him, except that he didn't outspend him. It's just that Obama wasn't shy about playing Romney's own words in the ads. Obama successfully tied Romney to Republican policies, it never occurred to the right that the average American might not react well to that information.

Picking a VP that embodied those very policies didn't help. Anybody seen him lately? The zombie eyed granny starver disappeared well before election day. Did they think that getting rid of him would save their campaign, or did he bail on them? They seemed to think they were winning, even for two hours after Fox told them they had lost. Some of them still don't believe it, 'we're white, we're right, we're entitled to it'.

If Obama plays this aggressively, and there is every indication that he will, 2014 could be kind of bloodbath for Republicans that 2006 was. Gerrymandering doesn't stick, remember the Republicans do it every ten years. Every year there are simply less Republicans, the old ones die and aren't replaced as young people see their futures being stolen by Republican policies. Then there is the demographic shift to Hispanics, hard to believe they used to vote for Republicans. Even the majority of Cubans in south Florida voted for Obama. Race isn't as big a factor as the Republicans would like to believe, they say, 'if we could have just gotten more white people to vote'. Iowa went decisively for Obama, a state where you could spend your entire life, and never see a black man in person.

We can't assume any of this will be easy, Wall Street invested in Romney and lost, but they're still dangerous. The too big to fail banks are even bigger and even more dodgy. The only difference is that under Dodd-Frank they can be seized and liquidated if they even threaten the economy. We'll see how rough Obama really wants to play, he has the ball.

And for 2016, Marco Rubio is going to Iowa already.


Roman Law said...

After being elected by an overwhelming majority, I wouldn't mind seeing Obama's boot on the throats of Republicans if that is what is needed to get the people's work done.

After their 4 years of "No!" I am no longer in any mood to "compromise" with party of the 1 percent.