Friday, November 2, 2012

Reality check

Much has been made about hacking voting machines, and it should be a big deal. However, the reports that software patches have been installed on Ohio machines to flip the election are too good to be true. This would leave a huge trail leading back to the company who did it. Oh please, oh please, let them do something that stupid. This is covered by the 'fool me twice' rule, they got away with it when nobody knew about it, that's no longer true. Keep in mind the DOJ is not in the hands of Republicans this time.

These sorts of scams have to be more subtle then this for them to get away with them repeatedly. Going in and changing the actual numbers could be done after the fact and not be traceable if done properly. Installing actual software ahead of time, no. Most likely they were running a simple money scam, getting paid big bucks for a last minute software updates that didn't do anything.

Then again, the stupidity of corrupt Republicans knows no bounds.


Ronmac said...

You know what? What with all this talk about hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding with millions of people being without power or water, I forgot there was an election.

And I completely forgot who this Romney character was. Realizing I was in a unique position to garner some historical perspective, I did a quick google search on the man.

I was completely taken aback when I learned his main claim to fame, his expertise on the economic front, was dismantling companies, stripping away their assets, and shipping the jobs off to China while making a bundle for his investors.

I am baffled why Romney his running neck and neck in the polls (although Obama still has a comfortable lead in the electoral college which is all that counts).

Maybe there is still enough people out there who believe if you put your nose to the grindstone, work hard, save your pennies, you too one day will enter this "investor class" and spend your days on cruise ships, sipping champagne, and raising a toast to the setting sun while the rest of the world is getting screwed.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

I hope you are correct on this "fool me twice" theory -- but I didn't think the vote flipping was that subtle.

In 2000 statisticians noticed that the Republicans gained 10-15% in Florida districts that happened to have electronic voting machines. An NSA analyst crunched numbers and found that Romney did the same thing against Santorum and Ron Paul during the Primaries.

Rove's own Pet Hacker / Programmer working on such things, was to testify and a week before, had the typical "small plane crash" we've known for Latin American labor organizers and Paul Wellstone. has been documenting abuse after abuse. Rigging elections is tantamount to treason in my mind.

So if some form of Judicial system is going to step in after over a decade of these "shenanigans" -- are they trying to make the Republicans over confident?

Anonymous said...

In the 2004 election a felow employee at work said his wife was a worker at a poll location in Columbus Ohio. When she opened one of the two machines it already had 500 votes for President Bush. She called the election headquarters to report her finding. They told her not to worry it was the result of a previous test and this will be corrected when the results are sent in for tabulation. I heard about this about a month after the election.

prairie2 said...

'500 votes' no, I'm sorry, this is a fake 'liberal' post. Even if the poster is sincere, this information is false on it's face. They do cheat, but it's not that obvious.