Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making reality for fun and profit

The billionaires that pass out the right-wing kool-aid are desperately trying to push the fantasy that they are going to act out Ayn Rand's novel, and leave us all to starve if we allow that Kenyan Socialist to raise their taxes by a couple of points. That's not what it's about of course. These people will still have more money than they could ever burn if they tried. They're really afraid that the middle class will realize they've been screwed and start wanting their country back.

Own a chain of mediocre restaurants that allow you to live in castle (literally) while you pay the help almost nothing? You might be paranoid about the peasants catching on that you aren't really entitled to do that. They are scared to death of Liberals because of the very meaning of the word. Liberal is short for Liberal Enlightenment, the idea that we all have a say in the society we live in. The idea that the rich and powerful aren't really the enlightened few who get all the rewards from our work because they are in charge.

The founders of the United States were all Liberals, it was a way of thinking that their grandfathers brought with them to America. It was why they dared to rebel against the British East India Company, they knew they were all 'enlightened', and thus able to make their own decisions.

Today's corporate titans see themselves as the only enlightened people, they are the job creators, the deciders, the Wall Street masters of the universe who can make money out of thin air. They desperately want you to not find out otherwise.


Fake_William_Shatner said...

The point is not made often enough; "Any problem can be solved if we just CHOOSE to solve it."

The National Debt is merely a policy change and a visit by our military to offshore banks away from being solved.

Truly -- that's what scares the wealthy about Liberals, is that overnight, we could just decide; "We don't like that you re-wrote the rules to steal everything - -so we've decided to take it back." Done.

When the people wake up like that -- it's scary for the Oligarchs. They invest in Media to keep us asleep and believing that all the problems are eternal and unsolvable.