Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Load the Blunderbuss with bird shot

The Pilgrims brought turkeys with them to the Plymouth Colonies since they had no idea that they had been introduced to Europe by the Spanish from the 'New' World. This is what comes from having no knowledge of history or science, but you feel empowered by your belief in your destiny as  the prophetic will of God.

Willard Romney believed he was the White Horse Prophecy, since he had be told all his life that he was a miracle and god in his own right. The photo of him pumping gas in what appears to be clothes he slept in for a couple of days suggests that reality is a bitch for Mittens.  

Some history: the Pilgrims didn't flee England to the New World for religious freedom. They were living in tolerant Holland. They had been run out of England for being bloodthirsty zealots. The Native Americans would find that out first hand. The 'Indians' showed kindness and compassion, as the the good Christians would have all perished from their own stupidity. In turn, at the first opportunity the Pilgrims slaughtered the natives, man, woman and child, for profit.