Friday, November 2, 2012


The BLS Household survey shows that 733,000 Americans reported finding work in October, this continues to run way ahead of the employer survey, but that was up too. The unemployment rate ticked up, indicating more people are looking for work. Hourly wage increases are running slightly below the rate of inflation indicating corporate America's efforts to drive down wages continue to meet with success.

August and September numbers on the employer survey were revised upward by 84,000 as more complete data was analyzed by the government. Obama can point to steady growth since his stimulus program went into effect, while Romney continues to call for return to Bush era policies. Average monthly job growth for his eight years was only about 65,000/month, and zero if you include the crash at the end that ran into the first few months of Obama. Romney's company played a big part in that fantastic growth rate he'd like to return us to.

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