Monday, November 12, 2012

"Have you stopped beating your wife?"

Logical thinking, this is something you never hear from the right. When you try to pin one down on a yes/no question they will sometimes throw out this gem, "Have you stopped beating your wife?" to justify their stonewalling, as in 'logically, there are no y/n answers'. The correct answer is "no", assuming you didn't ever start. You can see why they would assume you do beat your wife, assumptions always go to their benefit, not yours.

It's silly of course, since no poorly worded question needs to be answered y/n. That doesn't stop them from wasting your time explaining this to them. They will continue to stand there patting themselves on the back for beating your 'logic', while they pretend that the original question doesn't exist.


Anonymous said...

Your lefty welfare/nanny state will be the end of USA ...

prairie2 said...

So sure, but so ignorant of the numbers.

Roman Law said...

The right has always confused their invented logic with actual facts.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

The "stop beating your wife" narrative only works because the Media is busy bending over backwards for ad revenue and pretending that "Flat Earth Science" is equivalent.

This more than anything else, is probably why people are leaving the MSM in droves.

The questions, the framing, the "duality of all problems" -- after a while, you get sick of the Coke vs. Pepsi debate and say; "Isn't all this stuff giving kids type II diabetes anyway?"

The Republicans are "winning" all the way to irrelevancy. Eventually, people will be able to see their lips move, but will have trained their brains to hear only the MODEM handshake.

I figure one day there's going to be a well fed wolf sitting on the steps of congress one day. We'll say; "I'll be damned -- there really was an external threat." And then we'll toss that wolf an after dinner mint.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

To the "welfare state stupid comment" above. I'm sure that after monkeys threw enough poop at the walls, eventually they formed a pattern, worthy of being called art.

Those monkeys however, long ago left the trees and became hominids. And those proto-humans replaced the poop with paint.

And the scrawls of hands, animals and hunting spears eventually became characters or symbols for words.

Republicans are people who've decided that this was all a mistake, and try and throw enough poop resembling words at the wall, and they sit back and feel it's some form of art -- merely because they were the ones who tossed it up there in the first place.

They call the biggest throwers of the most poop; "Think Tanks." Because it's been opposite day for a loooong time.