Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't eat his cookies

The right-wing Elf of the Senate, John McCain, came out of his tree on Fox Sunday to continue his demand for a Select Committee on Benghazi-gate. A so 'no story there, there' story that Fox has stopped covering it. The only reason McCain wants this committee is that he would be ranking member and could hog the spot light. There are so many long serving Republicans in the Senate (longer than him), that he can't get a plumb committee. The Ranking Member (that's the minority equivalent of chairman) has great sway with budget negotiations, appointments, and most importantly gets to hold press conferences and act important.

He has exactly zero chance of making this happen, in fact the more the far right talks about this 'no story...' the sillier they look. The Fox Sunday Panel even gave Susan Rice tacit support to be Secretary of State, (while beating up on the President at the same time). Why do they 'like' her? She's always advocated for a heavier hand in the Middle East, as opposed to John Kerry who they characterize as being opposed to all US involvement anywhere for any reason.

John McCain also has a personal ax to grind with Susan Rice, as an expert on foreign relations she left the Brookings Institute to be the 2008 Obama campaign's face on the 'John McCain is talking out his ass' team. John McCain, who thought a small market sportscaster 'who could see Russia from her house' was competent to be a heart beat from the Presidency, and Dr Rice, a Rhodes Scholar with decades of experience is not competent to be Sec of State. Fox would probably not even have a joke like McCain on anymore, but the bulk of Republicans they can pick from come across as even more stupid.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention he voted to approve Condalisa Rice as Secretary of State. Even though she was certain "aluminum tubes" and "mushrum cloud" pertained to Iraq's certain WMD's.