Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chris Wallace gets it

On Fox Sunday Chris Wallace got the message, it's all over. Fox put up their best material with clips showing Obama promising to reveal everything about the attack on the consulate in Libya, and then of Obama boarding Marine One as reporters yelled questions. Wallace then asserted the Obama is refusing to take reporters questions on the 'scandal' and asked David Axelrod, "Is the President stonewalling until after the election?"  Axelrod answered the y/n question with a simple "No", it took Wallace a few seconds to realize that Axelrod was simply done with him. There would be no debating this nonsense on Fox anymore.

The election is effectively over, all but for the last of the voting. The Obama people know, the Romney people know it. Romney continues to throw out wild attacks in desperation. It's possible that even the crazies know it, but it takes them awhile to stop spinning in circles.