Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blued eyed Jesus

In line with the corporate media's meme that 'it's a horse race', today's talking point from ABC is, "both sides are sure they are going to win, and this hasn't happened in recent history....".

Well, not since the 1850s have we had this sort of irrational, intransigent belief system ingrained in the far right. They're sure they're going to win because their blonde, blued eyed Jesus told them so. They're scared to death of the black man in the 'white' house, and billions have been spent by the oligarchs to make that so.

Obama has done wonders for these low information white people, but they don't see it. Often because their personal situation is getting steadily worse. Their wages are going down, their wealth is evaporating, the kids are moving back in, on and on. They're incapable of following the money trail from their pockets to the pockets of the very billionaires that pay Rush Limbaugh's salary. Even if they are personally better off, like having health insurance that actually pays for their care instead of stiffing them, they don't get it.

There are direct parallels to the rich white planters who convinced poor whites to march into Union cannon fire. They using the very same propaganda themes in Republican ads today. (some troll will point out that Lincoln was a...) Even if Obama wins convincingly on Tuesday, they aren't going to believe it. Even if they accept the numbers, many are just fine with apartheid, their blonde, blued Jesus is.


Anonymous said...

I heard about the "Blue Eyed Jesus" while visiting a Archie Bunker type family in my home town. In my Catholic Church the previous Pastor shopped at auctions in the area. One of his prize finds was a Black Jesus statue. He placed it in the santuary in a prominate location. The parisioners like to discus; what if this Jesus showed up at someones house? Would they welcome him and offer Him their hospitality? During his absence for health reasons we recieved a visiting Priest from Africa and he said he felt as if He was at home with us.