Monday, November 5, 2012

Baghdad Bob

The Romney campaign continues to insist they are on a path to victory. So why is Paul Ryan stumping for votes in Alabama? At least I guess that's where he is, it isn't making the news, other than in passing. Are they actually afraid of not carrying Alabama? Could the blowout be that big? Nobody in the Christian right really wants to vote for a Mormon, or a Catholic either. They might back a winner, but the Obama tanks are just across the river, and coming fast. Time to take to the spider hole.


Dave said...

What we need is a landslide for Barack Obama and other Democrats. The current Republican party needs to put back in the crypt where it came from.

Even if the kind of political slaughter I've described happens, the work for regular voters will be far from over. Democrats will need to lean on their politicians to get them working in the public interest as opposed to those of big-money donors. Republicans will have the daunting task of figuring out what they really stand for and finding non-insane candidates to run.

It's not just about politics either. Each of us and all of us need to figure out what kind of world we'd like to see and take our steps to promote it. Sorry. . .it won't just be vote and go home.

macnow said...


CNN is leading their website with the fact that the first city results were in... and it's a tie,


Bread and Circus all day, ya y ya.

CNN will lead the way,
hey hey hey.

As big Media farts will make their pay, (let us) pray pray pray.

CNN sucks eggs.