Friday, November 9, 2012

A map of Red to hide the Blue

Drudge has a map on their page that shows the US as 99% Red. The typical dim bulb that follows them will assume this means somehow Acorn stole the election for Obama.

The reality is of course that most of the 'Red' counties, small in population, but numerous even in the 'blue' states, they weren't 'red' by all that many votes. (depending on the concentration of 'trailer trash') In fact the 'blue' voters don't bother in areas where there isn't any point in voting. Combine that with the tens of millions that don't know what the 'left' is really saying about a 'right' that sees them only as potential dog food. Confronted with the actual 'reality', their vote would be different.

The push from the right now is too preserve the billionaires. Even if you don't think Obama is 'liberal' enough for you, it's time to call the White House and tell him that you have his back on the 'fiscal cliff'. Tell him that we will all take the tax hike from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts to keep the billionaires from robbing the country blind.


Anonymous said...

Something tells me that in spite of the Norquist disciples in his party, that Mr. Merlot is going to play ball this time around. One can only hope that Obama doesn't give away his clear advantage in this situation and place both Medicare and Social Security on the table. Only one of those has any direct effect on the deficit (MC), and both are certainly fixable without harming beneficiaries or discussing it as part of a deficit reduction plan.

Anonymous said...

Missing in the discussion is the fact that the total vote for President, the Senate, and the house were Democratic majoritys. The funny looking congressional districts that Republican State Governments came up with allow the elections to be skewed much to their favor. In my home state of Ohio there are 18 congressional districts and only two Democratic house Members. My district is tied together by a sliver of land that goes through a gravel quarry. A Northern distict is tied by a railroad bridge on Lake Erie.