Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winning is winning

Drudge was obsessed with polls that showed Romney leading, but the polls have disappeared again. They do have a Brietbart article with the headline touting that Obama's lead in Florida's early voting is down 70% from 08. You have to actually read the article carefully to see that Obama is still winning by a couple of points. They wrote the whole article to give you the opposite impression, even saying at one point that, "Democratic officials don't dispute these numbers". You can bet they don't, winning is winning.

The reason polls are shifting back to Obama is that right leaning cheerleaders need to adjust their results back to reality as the election approaches. Rasmussen for example is often cited by the corporate media as showing the Republicans leading more than other polls implying that they are somehow more accurate. As the election approaches the gap between them and legitimate polling narrows until election day when they match up exactly. This maintains their cover for the next round when they repeat the cycle all over again. As the snarky trolls say, "only the poll on election day counts". That is except the ones that show Republicans leading.

You have to keep in mind always, that of the half of Americans who do vote, only about 27% are Republicans. Forty percent now claim to be independent, a lot of those do vote Republican, but clearly they aren't happy with it.