Tuesday, October 23, 2012

White Horse Election Fraud

Chuck Todd of NBC has labeled Brad Friedman's reporting of the Romney Crime Family's ownership of the easily hacked touch screen voting machines in Ohio, as nothing but a conspiracy theory comparable to Donald Trump's birtherism. 

It's odd that Chuck Todd would diminish the value of Donald Trump, since he is also an employee of NBC. Trump pretends that he is a billionaire, his real net worth is negative nearly that amount. Chuck Todd pretends that he is a journalist. You would expect professional courtesy among hucksters.

Then again, squelching the revelation that votes have been stolen wholesale by the republicans for the past 14 years requires a blood sacrifice. Sorry Donald, you're not half as important as you think you are.

Do you suppose the 'White Horse Prophecy' by Joesph Smith was a sloppy transcription in the age of the quill pen? More probably it had something to do with the White Horse of the Apocalypse. Smith wasn't shy about stealing from multiple sources however. It could have been inspired by a livestock auction sale bill. If it's based on the Apocalypse,  wouldn't that make Willard the Anti-Christ? 


Anonymous said...

It somewhat amuses me that voting machine reliability is such a low priority in this age of chips and zaps and no fly lists. Maybe the perpetuation of unreliable vote counts is the one remaining issue that both parties can agree upon. Brad is all over this. Anyone else care? I do.///fype

Anonymous said...

Chuck Todd is a shill like the rest of the corporate media. He has zero credibility. A few years back while watching Bill Maher's "Realtime" I found much pleasure in watching Jeremy Scahill take Todd and the rest of his pathetic media types to the woodshed for not being more critical about Blackwater.