Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three to win

The corporate media reported today that Obama is maintaining a comfortable margin of 5-7 points in Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio. These are the only swing states that Obama needs to win. The media of course didn't report this all in one bite, you have to pay attention and put the pieces together. Otherwise you would think it's still a horse race and Romney is pulling ahead and will lap Obama any day now. Just keep that foreign super-pac money coming into the ad department. I guess it is good for the balance of trade.

China isn't really thrilled with Mittens dissing them all the time, 'face' is important in China. It's not that they're afraid he'll actually 'get tough' with them. They would rather have him, except for the stupidity. Bain has a huge contract with China to provide them with factories from the US, crated up and shipped complete from the US. This plan includes a market for the new Chinese production, since the factory no longer exists in America.

As I suggested last week, this week's unemployment claims shot up to even out last week. We'll see next week if the long term downward trend continues. Housing starts are way up so this should create a mushrooming of new jobs. Home prices are up, but with so many home mortgages still under water there is a functional shortage of houses for sale in many markets. Foreclosures are also down significantly.