Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Rat race

A smattering of polls are out showing a huge Romney bounce from the debate, but overall they don't. And the 'huge' bounce is only 2 points in the more reliable polls.

The bad news for Mittens is that he still trails by 80 votes in the Electoral College. (no emails about the Electoral College, please)

Obama was running ads the next day illustrating Romney's blatant lies. The right leaning pundits claim they don't have to cover or even admit to the fallacies because Obama didn't point them out during in the debate. Which is yet another lie, he did point them out as much as there was time to do it. Responding to 26 different lies is nearly impossible in such a format, not counting Romney simply repeating the lie when Obama challenged him. If you listen to the debate and don't focus on the closeup of Obama looking down on the split screen, Obama won. Willard comes across as a giant sewer rat on Meth. 


Roy L. Manns said...

Very well said, The President took a statesman like position , tp\o steep down to a serial liar who will say anything to anyone to suit his/her ideology is nothing more than an astute businessman, looking at his bottom line and his ultimate goal. In Romney's case he wants power he has the money but real power escapes him because he is not a statesman and the average person sees him for what he is IMVHO

Anonymous said...

Only 1 poll matters, Nov. 6 .. all others are for media spin doctors to debate. ..most of these idiots need to get a real job. .. do something useful not flap their gums.

prairie2 said...

'only one poll...' seriously? you trolls think that's actually clever? Bad news for you, the people here are smarter than trolls, not as if that is a high bar to clear.