Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The dead Rat Bounce

Willard did get a big bounce in the polls the day after the debate. This wasn't because he convinced anybody with his litany of lies, but the media convinced Red State voters that the Rat race was on again. Most polls at this point only count 'likely voters', as opposed to registered voters.

However the polls numbers with people contacted over the weekend included those who saw the new job numbers, as well as the new Obama ads with Mittens debating himself didn't show the bounce. There aren't many undecided voters, once the Red voters realize everybody isn't switching their vote they won't be so interested in voting. They really didn't want to vote for Romney themselves, and would just as soon stay home.



Dave said...

I heard that Barack Obama lost that first debate. It's funny but I must have been watching a different program called the presidential debate. Lost? Lost how? All the president did was defend his points logically and calmly. That is a foreign language and concept to many Americans. I guess debate winners tell their lies forcefully while losers refrain from making jackasses of themselves.