Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thank God for the 'liberal' media

Even though the corporate media that loves Romney, the media that the right calls 'liberal', has been forced to report Mitt's sagging poll numbers, they continue prop him up as if he has a chance to win. Even with massive election fraud by the Republicans, Romney has no chance. No chance, if the Democrats turn out to vote. The corporate media wants to keep the ad money coming in, so they'll keep the race appearing close, and that will help the Democrats.

Ironically the only media that really doesn't want Romney to win are the right wing operations like Fox. They make money bashing Obama, Romney is so awful that it's driving down their viewership. MSNBC is actually giving them competition in the ratings. Fox is heavily dependent on the elderly for their ratings base, the same people who booed Ryan at the AARP. Fox can't afford a Romney Presidency, lucky for them that won't happen.

The best outcome for Fox would be if the Republicans can hang onto the House and impeach Obama. However, they might not find that to be as well received as they hope. They don't seem to realize that the normal people are catching on, the real 'silent majority' aren't just sitting back and allowing the crazies to run things anymore.


Ronmac said...

Speaking of impeachment, here's a keenbit of trivia.

Did you know that in Richard Nixon's State of the Union address in 1974 he was planning to introduce for Canadian-style medicare? As a cost-cutting measure.

But that went down with the SS Watergate, torpedoed by the triumphant Democrats. The moral of the story is be careful who's throat you cut because it might be your own.