Friday, October 5, 2012

Sucking fumes

You've probably noticed the spike in gasoline prices in California. This is simply the result of the consolidation of refinery capacity into the hands of fewer and fewer massive corporations. Even if you were to bring these companies to heel over their price manipulation, this is an national security issue. National security is something the Right claims to care about, but they don't, it's all about their own gratification.

The right claims liberals have halted the construction of refineries. In fact the big oil companies have been buying up the small refineries and closing them, while hugely expanding their own. Guess what happens when the inevitable accident occurs? The practices of these big companies make the inevitable, really just the inevitable, or anymore really the imminent disaster.

The big companies don't care how dangerous this is, it creates the environment they thrive in. Disaster capitalism is a way of life for these people. It doesn't affect them, it makes them richer. If I have to spell it out, it pushes you as an individual ever closer to the curb, if not the mass grave.