Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shouting at clouds

The corporate media is obsessing over the giant storm roaring up the east coast. After a couple mentions about the obvious connection to global warming when the storm first developed, that has reality been scrubbed from the coverage. They like talking about climate change when they can play it as a controversy, as if half way between right and wrong was the truth to be shown on the evening news. Not so much when it's a little too obvious, especially since it would favor Democrats to have the right-wing-nuts responding to the coverage in front of potential voters.

Will the October surprise favor Democrats anyway? Early voters have been overwhelmingly Democrats, will Republicans stay home? In some Congressional Districts it could make the difference. Will some of the Tea Bag science deniers be voted out? Some of them were already in real danger of being sent back to their villages to resume shouting at clouds on their own time. No amount of shouting is going to turn back this cloud.