Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rotten Apples & Sour Grapes

The Red Chinese Yuan set a record high this week compared to USD. The highest since they began trading them nearly 20 years ago. The Republicans are claiming they're letting their currency rise to help Obama with the election since Romney has 'pledged' to declare China a currency manipulator, something Obama has declined to do. Obama has good reason not to do this, because such move at this time would be political suicide. To cope with the consequences would take the equivalent of the war footing of WWII. The Republicans would impeach him.

Romney and his Bain company continue to work fist in glove with the Chinese destroying our industrial base, so Romney is going to get tough with China? He'll get his own planet and million sister wives first. BTW, massive super-pac donations have been tracked back to China, these benefit Romney of course.

Speaking of China, the gold bugs are pushing the line that China has a secret stash of gold that will drive the price of gold to $10,000/oz. Is there anybody here who doesn't understand the concept of Supply & Demand? Maybe all the libertarians who sent me shrill emails two years ago when I said gold had peaked at $1800/oz. It's still less than that now. Canned goods are up however, but you can find bargains this time of year, stock up. China's exports are up despite the stronger Yuan, they operate on the Alexander Hamilton plan. You know, the way we did things before Reagan, before we became a third world country run by oligarchs.

Darrell Issa who is Chairman of the Republican Witch Hunt Committee in the House is running hearings on the lack of security at the US Embassy in Libya. Some Republican loyalists assigned to Libya dutifully complained that the State Department wasn't meeting their security requests. What they actually wanted was their own aircraft, the State Dept told them to fly commercial. In fact they hadn't requested anything for the Consulate in Benghazi. That city was considered friendly territory, and in fact the locals rallied to the aid of the Americans. In the aftermath the killing of the US diplomats, the civilian population rose up, overran militant's compounds across the city and burned them down. We could use that sort of patriotism here.


Ronmac said...

This Libya thing is going to get a lot messier than anybody's letting on. The Libyans are starting to wake up to the fact they're little revolution has been hijacked by you-know-who.

You could see it coming a mile away. (same process is now unfolding in Syria). The gov't waiting in exile, the massive one-sided propaganda campaign, the NATO air strikes, the quickie elections, the setup of a legislative body that doesn't have any power.

The US embassey is calling the shots, issuing orders to some semi-puppet governing body made up mostly of exiles (who are said to be getting paid $7,800 a month and living in five-star hotels).

This is nothing new. This theme was first explored in the 1955 Grahame Greene novel The Quiet American. All you have to do is substitute Ambassador Stevens (who was heavily involved in Libyan revolt against Ghadfhi) with the main character Alden Pyle in the novel and you've got a 21st century update.

Anonymous said...

Rotten Apples and Sour Grapes, must be the theme for the koch brothers, that siegel dud, and some software company guy: allen are having their own sour grapes.
They're threatening their employees with layoffs if the "kenyan" gets ree-eeelected!1 Sour Grapes- BAA HAA HaAA on the POOR 1%ers. I hope these clowns embrace all the china they can stand and when china backhands them into last week via intellectual assets and future production competition, they don't come cryin back to the United States of America.
Libya, who cares about Libya, let them be, let them find their own way. I think the previous comment is misguided about some events. I really have no idea about how diplomatic ponderance has influenced the Libyan concept but let it roll baby, let it roll.
I think a way to solve a lot of the religious issues that plague the many countries could be solve by giving all the b ladies nice new 45 ACP pistols that they could stuff under there in the humidity and when some men start actin up like the event that the 14 year old girl got shot once and then again in another episode, all them armed ladies could ventilate a few problem's foreheads in them countries. The ladies know who's at fault and causing the ruckus. Get rid of about half of them fundamentalists and I bet 3/4 of their problems go away.
AAAhhh nice fresh apples and grapes.