Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney endorses Obama

In the debate, Willard approved of everything that Obama has done while President. He disapproved of somethings that Obama hasn't done, and some things that don't even exist in this reality. Mittens hasn't heard of aircraft carriers or submarines, and the President did try to inform him that some things have changed since 1916. The new wireless is expected to revolutionize sea warfare. In fact any guided missile destroyer out guns the entire fleet of the first half of the 20th century. Any one nuclear missile submarine can lay waste to any enemy nation.

Willard has come around to endorsing the idea of telegraphing our departure date from Afghanistan, contradicting what he said in the Republican debates, this has been the Republican talking point forever. I seem to recall this being the 'quack, quack' in regard to the Vietnam War, right up until Nixon said he had a 'secret plan' for peace. It turned out that Nixon's secret plan amounted to treason, as revealed by now released White House tapes from 1968.

Romney pretty much did away with any chance that he can ever be President. The only hope for Republicans is voter suppression, crooked voting machines and the intervention of God. And we know Jesus is a liberal, read Mathew 25. It's all about the turnout, remember the Republicans are only 20% of the population at best. Only half of Americans vote, and only a third of those are registered Republicans. You do the math.

It's incredible that Romney started right off with claiming that Iran's interest in Syria was that they were Iran's access to the sea. WTF???? Look at a map. Iran and Syria don't share a border. Syria does have some coastline on the  Mediterranean sea, but insignificant compared to Iran's coastline on several other international bodies of water. The Shiite version of Islam is something they have in common, but Willard doesn't want to have people to start talking about religion. He needs the rightwing Christian base to vote for him, and he's not a Christian in any sense that those people would actually recognize. In fact the Christians have more in common with the Muslims than with Romney's cult.   


Ronmac said...

Not too much difference between them on the foreign policy front. If I had my way, I would put George W in the White House. Not that George W silly, but George W. Romney, Mitt's dad.

prairie2 said...

George was astute enough to realize the Generals were lying, but he had no more sense than to say so out loud. So I guess he wasn't that smart.

J. Screamer said...

Someone tell Willard about the, what's it called again, Persian Gulf, you know, Iran was once known as Persia? I think we got that in 6th grade. ... :-0