Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The right-wing pundits can't pile enough blame on Romney to fix their mess. In the former swing states people who thought that only the crazy tea baggers would let them die in the street are waking up. The 47% (and it's really 80% judging from the lead opening up), they are figuring out that the Masters of the Universe that the GOP wants to run things are no different than the crazy tea baggers.

The GOP is either going to split into two parties, crazy tea baggers on one side funded by angry old billionaires, and corporate types who claim they aren't like that, or the party will just die. Without angry old billionaires funding the tea-baggers, they will just fade away, that is what is most likely to happen. The GOP will rise from the dead, pretend they never believed any of the talking points, with finger bones crossed, of course.

Democrats need to actually vote to make this happen, but in swing state Iowa, Democrats requesting absentee ballots out number Republicans more than 5 to 1. Obama's lead in Ryan's home state of Wisconsin is 14 points and climbing. In Massachusetts where Romney was once Governor, Obama is up by 30 points. But it's all a liberal media conspiracy, which oddly includes Fox and Rasmussen. Obama is apparently all powerful, sounds like he won't even need all those UN troops he was going to bring in to suppress the right.   


Carissa said...

If I believed in hell I'd want them all to go there. All I can hope for at this point is a humiliating defeat.