Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Real time fact checking

As I predicted after Romney 'won' the first debate that he would have a hard time in the subsequent debates once he was on the record with his new set of lies. Obama was ready for him this time and Romney showed his contempt for 'the help' questioning him on his lies. He came very close to demonstrating why Ann is concerned about his mental health if he's elected.

The corporate media obliged the right by ginning up the story that both men hate each other. You don't have to hate a meth rat to hit it with a stick. It's Willard that 'hates' since he doesn't have any rational reason to lie like he does. The lies have to serve a higher purpose, it can't be simple greed or lust for power. His lessers are the enemy and must be stopped. This is of course the Republican meme, the 'takers' are out to get them. The 47% can't be reasoned with, they must be brought under control by a strong leader.


Ronmac said...

In a related story federal officials are expressing concern that the banks appear to be keeping most of QE3 benefits for themselves.

In another related story Goldman Sachs reported third third-quarter profits, as revenues that doubled from the year before, easily expectations.

One analyst called the called it “a very solid performance in a generally poor environment.”

And this just in. Officials are reporting a Bangladeshi man with alleged al-Qaeda links was arrested Wednesday in New York for allegedly plotting to destroy the city’s Federal Reserve building with a 1,000 pound bomb.

Dave said...

I remember toward the end of the original "Poltergeist" film that the entire house blew away never to be seen again. Could that be metaphoric for where we're all collectively heading?

Our continuing to install governments,whose soul purpose is to make the oligarchs who are rich on virtual-paper even richer in that ephemeral realm, will eventually doom us all. I don't find much value in a life where cans of Spam and creamed-corn are commodities worth dying and killing over but I am afraid that's where we're headed if we don't change course worldwide.

Were some of the words too hard for you? Thank your substandard education and then get out a dictionary, virtual or otherwise.