Monday, October 29, 2012

Playing dress up

Why is Romney losing in Nevada? This election is supposed to be all about the economy, and Nevada has had the worst of the Bush Depression, or in Willard World, the Obama Depression. Romney has spent a lot of time there, mostly raising money from billionaires, but campaigning too. He's still going there even though he's falling further and further behind, it might not even be close anymore.

It's not like they won't vote for a Mormon, a lot people in the state are Mormons, including Harry Reid. The problem for Willard is that Nevada is a state that believes money talks and BS walks. "The more you get know Romney, the less you like him", that phrase originated with a Republican in Iowa in 2008. It describes Willard to a tee, he is his own worst enemy.

If Romney could have run strictly on advertising he'd be starting his second term as President instead of losing again. It's a compelling argument for keeping the Electoral College system, it forces Presidential candidates to go out and campaign like they're running for alderman in a small town. You might think that in the other 40 states your vote doesn't really count, but much of what you really know about the candidates comes from the handful of states where they are forced to actually touch people. Romney doesn't like touching the help, and it shows. Bush didn't either but he was a better actor, or rather for him, playing 'dress up'.

Speaking of the BS walking, here's an article that explains in detail how the Romney campaign faked a photo to make it look like Mittens can actually draw a crowd like Obama can.


Ronmac said...

That photo faking reminds me of the fall of Saddam in Iraq when they tore down his statue in the main square in Baghdad.

The US networks only showed close ups of the event giving the impression the square was filled with thousands of deliriously happy people. But in fact there was only a few hundred people there at the most -as photos of the scene later revealed.

BTW it's been ten years now when the drumbeat of Saddam's mythical WMD's was reaching a fever pitch.

I have the feeling Saddam is having the last laugh. Maybe we should be calling that storm Hurricane Saddam.