Monday, October 15, 2012

Planet with four suns

When you though things couldn't get any stranger, a planet has been discovered with four suns.

Speaking of science, there is a debate among Theoretical Physicists as to whether any aspects of their work should be made public. This 'news' inspired me to do some research. This stuff is freaky. Compared to the religious crazies, this is really far out. The thing is, they can prove the 'truths' that they're saying. If you like the world the way you know it now, don't ever read anything about theoretical physics. BTW, theoretical doesn't mean that they are just guessing. A theory is 'proven' by testing it.


Ronmac said...

Those suns used to belong to Planet Earth eons ago. That was before they were privitized and auctioned off to pay off debt.

Good to see them back on the radar and in good shape.

Anonymous said...

Next stop our solar system, Kapptin mittems (Kirk) is going to fly around Uranus and wipe out klingons.