Monday, October 8, 2012

Nut Jobbers, a division of Birther Industries

If you haven't already caught on that the right simply makes up their accusations, here is a point to consider: the BLS household survey that is used to calculate the unemployment rate has 60,000 participants. They are asked a list of questions, and all of this raw data is available to researchers. It would be a huge undertaking to simply create all of the responses from whole cloth, on par with faking the moon landing. (the moon isn't real either, it's a conspiracy by astronomers to get grants, or maybe witchcraft) If you still don't believe, the calls could audited... no wait, all 60,000 random people who were called are in on the conspiracy (moon worshipers no doubt).


Anonymous said...

The payroll accounting company ADP has 161,000 enployers in its list. The statistics are composed of information gain or loss from this list of employers and is released prior to the BLS statistics. This number does not include government employees but it does give a good picture of private enploment picture. The ADP enployment survey has shown a strong job market for several months now and backs up the BLS adjustments and lowering of the unemployment number of 7.8%.

prairie2 said...

Even if ADP customers were a representative sample of businesses big enough to use a payroll service, it would still not reflect the sort of changes in the economy that can occur on the short term. ADP is guessing based on comparing their past numbers with the employer survey,and extrapolating from there. What they are doing is very similar to a 'mind reading' act. It's not science, and it's not reliable during periods of real change.

Anonymous said...

Well I think the point is that actual facts mean almost nothing to half of the country. That is the big picture that is scary for the future of the country.