Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Rotten Apples

The wild weather we had this spring destroyed much of the apple crop in many states. This was of course from global warming, and don't let anybody tell you different. The price of fruit is up significantly, and we are seeing more imports from the southern hemisphere to fill the void. The 'good news' from all of this? The inventory of old fruit will be used up. Much of the 'low priced' fruit that you buy is up to two years old. Ever wonder why it doesn't keep once you get it home. It wasn't fresh when you bought it. Good old fashioned 'big government' could take care of this problem.


Anonymous said...

Well mr spectors life force has finally evaporated. Too bad some more of them old aged apples and prunes haven't had their lifes essence finally wilted into oblivion.
Maybe some of these global issues may get some air time then.