Monday, October 29, 2012

Me too, me too! Don't show the video!

In the debate Mittens proclaimed all his foreign policies to be just like Obama's. Except he'd say them louder (and he's white), and he's Christian, now that Mormons are off of Franklin Graham's satanic cult list (for now).

Apparently he noticed that Obama cancelled his campaign appearances to manage the government response to the storm. 'Me too!' Mittens has now canceled his as well, so that he could manage... manage... (what exactly?) Maybe he didn't want to hear questions about how he will be eliminating FEMA.  Not that he answers questions anymore, if a reporter gets within shouting distance Willard pretends to be deaf.

The righties complain constantly that Obama campaigns too much. Now they are ridiculing him for stopping. They don't want to even admit that he's in charge. They push the meme that he's not too bright and out of touch. Does it occur to them that maybe they don't want voters giving that any thought? How do you decide if a candidate is intelligent and 'in touch'? You compare him to his opponent. Not a smart move when your guy can't find Iran on a map, and thinks we don't need FEMA as the biggest storm ever arrives in the middle of the campaign. Romney might not think the Army still has horses and bayonets, but you can bet all he does know about the military is that it makes a lot of money for his friends.

Mittens is even losing among NASCAR fans, not the most liberal bunch of people. Pretending that he's a 'car guy' and then demonstrating that all he knows about racing was that he's friends with some of the team owners. Owners are something the average NASCAR fan can't relate to, and probably likes to pretend doesn't exist. So they'll go with the Black guy who saved Chevy from going to China instead. That's something I never expected to say.

Romney has trotted out even bigger lies as the election draws close, falsely claiming that Chrysler is closing their plants in Ohio and moving to China. That probably will happen if Willard is President, meanwhile Chrysler is building more capacity in Ohio. He's running ads with earnest sounding actors who claim they voted for Obama, but not this time. The latest one claims Romney is pro-choice (if you've been raped) and that he won't ban birth control, and how Obama has been lying about this. Obama is running ads that simply show clips of Willard saying the opposite. You have to shake the etch a sketch pretty hard to make video clips go away.