Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe don't take no stuff

The Republicans shrill whining indicates they know that Paul Ryan just lost the election. That and Obama's seven point lead in Ohio. They like their Obamacare and their new auto company jobs. The corporate media dutifully tried to spin the debate in the Republican's favor, but that began falling flat when the poll numbers started rolling in. Most striking was the high percentage of Independents who think Biden would be a good President. Little Paul, not so much.

VP debates aren't supposed to be important, VPs aren't supposed to be important, but when Romney picked Ryan to save his candidacy from a tea bagger revolt, that changed. Republicans have convinced themselves with help from corporate media that Joe Biden isn't very bright and that Ryan is an intellectual giant. Reality was a hard slap in the face.

Conservatives all have the fantasy that they can overwhelm any liberal with their talking points. You can tell none of them even have an opinion of their own by the fact that they have nothing to say beyond the word for word talking points. When challenged on this, they just make 'stuff' up, after you point this out, they will try to shout you down. Failing with that, they run away, as Ryan did Monday when a Colorado reporter pointed out that Romney-Ryan's Grand Vision for America is nothing but tax cuts. He couldn't run from Joe, and he got the stuff kicked out of him.  


Anonymous said...

Yay!! I hope that puke lyan ryan also loses his race in Wisconsin for the Rep seat he has held.
Then retroactively rescind the pensions and health care that that puke and others get and let him work a job for a living.
I hope it's good riddance to that SOB!

Dave said...

On the radio, the other day, Randi Rhodes said something about how amazing it is that the presidential election is even close. I couldn't agree more.

Yes there are problems with Barack Obama's approaches, his take on free-trade and drone-strikes come to mind. However, Mitt Romney offers nothing of value. What does anybody see in him? Why on earth would he be a good choice for president?

Anonymous said...

For years have been waiting for Joe Biden to say something that turned out to happen ... the guys is always wrong. ... he is very consistent. LOL

prairie2 said...

"turned out to happen"? You are either a right wing troll or have been taken in by their 'stuff'