Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's all about the Benjamins

The corporate media has been successful in ginning up the 'horse race' by pretending that Romney actually won the debate, largely because Obama was oblivious to the close-up split screen. They called the VP debate a draw despite old Joe mopping the floor with the punk, wringing him out and putting down a coat of wax. Obama is still winning the election of course, Ohio knows who led them out of the wilderness while Romney was trying to sell them to China.

Enormous sums are rolling into the media from super-pacs, thanks to the 'horse race'. China, Saudi Arabia and other dubious characters are more than happy to unseat Obama. They don't need anymore 99% tariffs, Arab Springs or green energy.

It's likely that Romney will say something stupid in a Town Hall setting and you can bet that Obama will be ready for him. Will the media try to push Obama as being ahead now that the ad buys are already in the bank? Since he's going to win anyway, they probably don't want to look stupid, so that's what you can expect a new leader, unless they think they can make it a real cliff hanger. The news departments are all under the entertainment divisions now, so the more drama the better. The next debate will be 'Beauty and the Beast' since last week was 'Revenge' and before that it was 'Once Upon a Time'. The drama would be so much fun if it wasn't likely to play out as a real tragedy.