Thursday, October 4, 2012

Horse Race! 'Etch a Sketch' leads by nose!

Romney was declared the overwhelming winner by corporate media, as was predicted. They need to have their Horse Race because it represents millions in profits. They based their 'victory' proclamation by polling undecided voters, something as rare as Big Bird in Romney's Dicksonian future. There are primarily two kinds of undecided people at this point in history: low information voters (the chronically misinformed and the stupid), and liars. Guess which political party both of these groups lean toward.

Obama is being heavily criticized for looking down, but that's what you do when you take notes. Romney simply stared at Obama while looking smug as he sweated profusely waiting for his next cue. The real Willard only emerged when he bullied the help. Romney simply ignored all the rules while Obama looked warm and friendly.

Obama had to pay attention to Mittens because he had to respond substantively, Romney could simply lie. There will be plenty of clips to use in Obama ads showing Romney lying, and this was Obama's real game. Romney is all in with his chips, Obama is the smart player. The big lie strategy from history only works when you control the entire media. Obama has plenty of money to run ads and Willard gave him plenty material to put in them.

Predictions of a huge Romney bounce from the polls are simply not going to happen. The biggest demographic in the real swing voter group are women (these are former Republicans), and Willard didn't do well with women in the audience. The President came across far better with women and Muppets. Etch a Sketch still trails in the Electoral College by a hundred votes. Ann doesn't need to worry about Mitten's mental health as President.


Anonymous said...

My observation was focused on the etch-a-scetch held by Romney. He shook it so hard the knobs came off, the frame broke, and the sand was scattered all about the floor.