Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Does your vote count?

Aside from right-wing election fraud involving electronic voting, voter suppression, un-counted provisional ballots and any other crooked scheme they can come up with, does voting always matter? Say you live in a solidly Red state or a solid Blue state, do you take the time?

The simple answer is yes, and not just because it's your patriotic duty. The popular vote could be close since the cascade of Romney lies does seem to have fired up the knuckle draggers to vote for a 'non-Christian' (okay, Franklin Graham took him off the cult list). The more votes that Obama gets the better it looks, the better it is for your nation.

Green Party and the like, get over yourselves, this one matters. Don't give me that: 'the lessor of two evils is still evil'; or 'they're all corrupt'. Those are right-wing 'suppress the vote' talking points, just because fuzzy thinking liberals repeat them, doesn't change that.

Any third party 'liberal' movement is seriously living in a bubble if they think they will ever catch on. If you really want to accomplish something, form a faction inside the Democratic Party, and push your reforms where they will count for something. Vote like it matters, or it could be that you will have missed the last time you will ever get to cast a ballot.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to give you the lesser of two evils jive. But I am going to tell you that this disgusted Vietnam veteran is finally going to vote his conscience and it isn't going to be for either of these guys. I know all the arguments and perhaps you are correct but put my sack on line on the battlefield and I'm voting for the person/people who are in line with my way of thinking. I read you faithfully and respect your views but I'm going my own way this time.
john duval

prairie2 said...

If you've seen battle, you should realize how easily things can get out of hand. There isn't going to be a do over this time if the oligarchs are able to grab power. That's not to say Obama is some sort of savoir, he's not. The Republicans know they can never win another election. If we can hang onto democracy, we can push for reform from this point on.

macnow said...


I always have a problem when people don't register a name/handle that they commonly
use (so I can see past remarks).

Makes me really wonder if your not some piss ant troll.

See most soldiers I served with and know... have no problem with signing in. They
ain't afraid.

Anyways if your not a troll,

I served a bit over 10 years after the Vietnam war. Served before and during the
1st Gulf war and the crank up of the Yugoslavian war, with honors, tracking Scuds
and getting kills; that's what one of my medals is for and saved a lot of lives.

I have posted here before, and on other sites, so my comments are easily researched
and tracked.

I have argued with P2 before on different issues; but he is damn straight on point...
on this one.

I hate this super cycle (the Reagan takeover); for the last 30 years we have been in.
It has controls and gawd awful policies that are still kicking are asses in present times.

If Romney gets in...





It's not going to be Armageddon, or anything like that (not right away), but with in the first

term of a Romeny Presidency we will wish we had seen the reality light a little brighter about

the stupid choice we had made.

Because ultimately it will be about all the truly evil mother fuckers around a Romney Presidency

that will guarantee their agendas will be in control for the next 40 to 50 years. Supreme court

justices being a large part of the problem.

Your head will spin with the amount of "under the radar" financial/military/social legislation

that will get passed on special late night sessions, buried clauses, and signing statement type


Fucking hell... this dude is a product and CEO in the making from the absolute worst policies and

crap from the Reagan era that made birth possible for evil fucks like Bain capital and the Romeny


Yeah Obama's done stuff that would put him squarely in the "middle of the road type Conservative

to a bit right" by any of the regular sane political definitions for the last 60 years and up

until the last 3 years (cause the Teabag knuckle draggers changed all definitions for the last


AND because the T-farts and big money has pushed all discussions to the hyper right; there really

isn't a progressive middle in politics right now (nor a Conservative one for that sake).

Yet, even with all this, Obama has shown clearly he will fall upon the correct side of the

divide, when push comes to shove (even bringing a few from the rabid rabid right back to sanity

for short periods).

P2 has eloquently showed this again and again, how Obama "IS not your saviour, but he is your

stable hand that is playing, and looking, and a longer and larger timescale.

So yeah vote green, but if YOU were here right now...

in front of my face, SOLDIER to SOLDIER...

...I'ld tell you ain't being patriotic to your ideals... your just kidding yourself for stupid

selfish reasons.

I like the green party etc. and want to see them flourish...

...but you gotta be fucking kidding me if you think passing on this moment is nothing more than

wanting to see things come out badly for selfish reasons.

I am voting for Obama, and Sherrod Brown, and a lot of other things in my Lost In Middle America


And once this is done, I am going to go back to pushing, and working for candidates I really want

to see flourish.

I bet my right ball you haven't done any work for these "Other" candidates you support... I have.

Former MI spec4 98D, Schleswig Detachment... motherfucking at your service.


1bimbi said...

Thank you for making this inspiring post.

DebbyS said...

I vote for who I want to win, not against who I'm afraid of. The last major party candidate I voted for was McGovern, and I've always been proud of voting my conscious, not my fears. I wasn't a soldier, will never be (probably lost potential husband/s in Vietnam), but I'm a taxpayer who has lived in small states without much clout and I don't have the funds to buy a major party candidate anyhow. Voting my preference is the only power I have and I don't feel it's a waste of time. I'm happy to have voted for Citizens Party, Green Party and independent candidates, and I'll keep doing so.

prairie2 said...

"...who I want to win..." this is exactly what I'm talking about. Ignore reality in favor of 'I want', personal feelings are all that matter. It's all just a game with no real consequences for your choices.

DebbyS said...

"It's all just a game with no real consequences for your choices." Wow, that's... an interesting comment. The choices I make daily make a difference to me in my real life. If I voted with the crowd (the ones that don't care about GMOs, Fukushima, etc, as Washington doesn't seem to), it wouldn't matter to the winner (whether I voted for or against him or her). I can't relate to the well paid demopublicans in office now, or to the people they appoint, and I certainly can't influence any of them as I can't give them large amounts of money to listen to me. "It's all just a game..." for them, and I'm just a consuming pawn, if they think about me at all. All I can do is vote for the person I want to win. If you like to vote for other reasons, fine with me.

prairie2 said...

I'll show 'em, I'll prove how much I care about my issues by putting somebody in office who'll work against all those issues, because the other guy isn't perfect.