Monday, October 29, 2012

Divine Fiat

The hard right corporatists are doubling down the lies about Chrysler that Romney has been peddling in Ohio. First it was that Fiat will move the production to China. That's been shot down, so now they claim that Fiat wants to build Chryslers in Italy and export them to the US. Arrghh!

Moving to China makes a certain amount of sense, but moving to Europe where factory workers make more than twice what they do in Ohio? Why would they do that?

They go on to praise Romney for calling out Obama because he allowed Chrysler to be taken over by a foreign company. That's rich. What American company wanted them? They were owned by a pirate equity group after the Germans sucked them dry. Romney would have sold the bones to China, if even they were interested at that point.


Anonymous said...

Looks like living in the right wing world of Rush Limbaugh, Roger Ailes, Frank Luntz, Brightbart, has infected his brain and is out of control. I have seen symptoms of this in my friends and relatives who are infected with this disease. Those of us who deal in reality, use many sources of information, use critical thinking, and appreciate logical conclusions have it up on these poor souls. The only regret they can unfortunately make up a majority at times.