Friday, October 5, 2012

Counting with The Count

Big Bird was an Angry Bird today. He had his friend The Count crunch the numbers and they don't add up. He counted 27, 27 big lies in Mr Romney's debate performance in just 36 minutes. Big Bird isn't happy that the bad man bullied his friend the nice Mr Lehrer either.

It makes Big Bird sad that 72 million people with pre-existing health conditions will lose their insurance if the bad man gets to be President. (72 million was a big number for The Count to count) The bad man says that won't happen because he said so, but the bad man's own spokesman said right after the debate, it isn't possible for the bad man to do that, it would be up to states to do that. States that never did that before.

The Count counted the people who watched the bad man lie, and it was a bigger number than everyone expected. Even more people watched than four years ago, 67 million this time, up 15 million. This is a lot of people who are paying attention. A total of 131 million people voted in the 2008 election, you can expect even more this time. People who love Big Bird and learned to count from The Count are paying attention. This is not good news for the bad man. The bad man can bully and lie, but he can't count, and this makes Big Bird happy.


Ronmac said...

Maybe the Dems should ditch the donkey and upgrade to Big Bird as their icon.