Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cackle, cackle, honk!

The right-wing geese are cackling about the Obama campaign expanding by three states their major ad buys, plus appearances by Bill Clinton and other big hitters. The 'reality challenged' have taken this to mean that Obama is losing, and must scramble to hang on to the traditional Blue states. Oh please, it's starting to look like Obama will take all nine swing states handily.

So why spread the wealth around? Well, because he has it for one thing. Coincidentally these states have Republicans running for Congress and the Senate, and they're falling behind. Can you say 'coat tails'? It may well be that the Republicans will be awakened next Wednesday by a cold bucket of reality in the face.


Dave said...

Even if the country does successfully toss a bunch of Republicans out of office on their individual and collective buttocks, it will be a beginning, not an ending. Let us remember that our country took an idiotic turn just before 1980. The bitter fruit from that "massive-stupid" will take decades to clean up.

That is a long time to work and wait. Well what kind of world do we want to leave or children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren?

macnow said...


This point needs to be:




and shouted from the roof tops.

Say it with me:

"We need to get players in congress who can "full court press"... and then some."

In my (little) lost in middle of America I have been canvassing. It has been interesting to say the least.

The focus has been on Obama, with... Oh yeah Sherrod Brown also type attitude. And I bet in other swing states this happens also.

This pisses me off to no end. I kept saying at the meetings; just getting Obama in (Supreme court nominations put aside for the moment), means nothing without more support from congress.

I finally got into a bit of rant, demanding we need to get some Sherrod Brown literature like now this instant. Calls were made, promises made, so hopefully we will have some when I show up on Saturday.

But this is what pisses me off about the Dems, in this part of the country, they are a bit shell-shocked because of the years of Repub oppressive politics, causing them to focus on one thing; instead of the big picture.

Anyways I hope you are right, coat tails and all.

By the way, I did see these localized (by my computer's IP address I assume) political ads popping up in my regular daily video streaming (P2 naturally, CNN, etc.) in the last 2 weeks...

Takes a lot of guts to put your face and name, out there in these communities.

When it first came up, it caught my attention like a freight-train making a late whistle blow at a back road street crossing.

This is a very, very, sophisticated... well shot ad (story), that was perfectly executed.

I lived in Hollywood for 12 years, I have worked on Docs, commercials, and TV shows... this is flawless, and better then 80 percent of the crap I saw from bigger name guns in Hollywood.

Trust me when I say, to pull it all off like this, here in Lima and surrounding areas... well its just immensely hard. Coordination with local crews, equipment, time constrains, planning etc. etc. etc.
May look off the cuff, but it ain't.

I was impressed, most people won't understand what it takes getting something like this out.

But I believe the message will resonate, and the beautiful delivery will just make it seep deeper into the mind of local people.

I have not seen anything like this by Romney. A lot of the ads focus on him in front of the camera (bad, bad decision), bad acting extras (plants), or meaningless statistics.

We are past the time for that... people (undecided) will have tuned this out.

Gives my a bit of pride to see this level of commitment here.

Well General Dynamics (M1 Abrams only plant) is here, so it is a calculated message to those workers, but still beyond that it will reach a lot of people in the 50-100 mile area I bet.