Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Attention all Suckers, pay more now and be happy!

Today's 'energy is expensive' (be glad we let you have any) talking point is that despite the mushrooming supply of domestic energy, you should expect the price to remain high (read that go even higher). Why? Because refining capacity has not kept pace with the increased supply. What Bull Shit. The major oil companies have been expanding refineries while buying out smaller refineries and closing them. In fact we export 30% of the refined product from US facilities. It's our biggest manufactured export. Gasoline is a waste product of refining, it should be cheap. All though the price increases during the Bush Adm. that they said were happening because of 'shortages', we were exporting gasoline. You're a bunch of suckers.


Anonymous said...

The American people can rest assured that a Mitt Romney Justice Department will never bring an investigation or case against corporate interests.

Anonymous said...

The Bush Administration added crude oil to the Strategic Reserve when the oil prices increased to a certain level. Most administrations did so when the crude oil prices went below a set ceiling.
Refineries have increased capacity constantly by building verticley at present sites because of existing pipelines, proxcimity to sources of supply, and economy of scale. This also bypasses any enviriomental roadblocks.
It is an advantage to have terminals and facilities close to seaports so supply can be managed by exporting petroleum products.

Dave said...

This is why all this talk of North American energy independence is such crap. The US doesn't have nationalized, as in owned by the United States, energy companies. Those entities are in private hands and are operated to make a profit not to make sure you can buy cheap gas.

You can cry all about it as you pay 300 dollars to fill up your SUV.